Egyptian Astrology Sign and Their Meaning

Egyptian Astrology sign and their meaning

People seems very much interested by the sky in their early days . Our and sisters used to find their question answer in the night sky by seeing the position of star and planet. They study the position and moving of stars and planets to make prediction and often their prediction always come true.

Egyptian Astrology Sign and Their Meaning
Egyptian Astrology Sign and Their Meaning

Be in a science astrology comes to fascinated us developed our culture astrology with ancient astrology dominated other system of knowledge in different different language are different different countries it is reflected in the Hindu culture Chinese Maya Arab and Egyptian culture

Egyptian Astrology : it seems very interesting and it has similarities according to the modern astrology are you interested to know about it let let me tell you and guide you . Let know about Egyptian Astrology and tell you about Egyptian zodiac sign.



Ancient Egyptian Astrology:

At the past of Egyptian astrology the priest in the temple often reading the moments of stars and planets recorded it and try to understand what effect is going on the earth as well even from their life .

The also predict the flood based on solar movements. Ancient Egyptian temples are designed like that design we will reach or I will say that heaven is look like that all the ritual they can do based on planetary activity.
During the last dynasty of Egyptian they brought a Greek zodaic system and make to assumed gods with each zodiac.

Egyptian Calendar and their Astrology

The ancient Egyptian calendar is same like the calendar we use in today time. It is a solar calendar in which the years are divided into 365 days and season are divided into 3 parts in which days are 120 it means even I divided into four parts like the year has 12 month and season are 4 if you notice my words then it is not enough to make 365 days to make the remaining 5 days they add outside five day in a month. Usually tha 12 month are considered with each season. Also each month is divided into three 10 day periods known as decans.


Egyptian Astrology Time

Early Egyptian made that time that we known Today means they divided the whole day  into temporal hours therefore it made a 24 hrs in a day. The day length also divided by the season like summer the day are longer than winter. In winters the night is so long.

In ancient times the Egyptian also made tools to measure the time  such as shadow and water clocks.


Egyptian Astrology signs

Later I told you that in previous past time a long time ago .the Egyptian combine greek zodaic signs to their god n goddess and determine the human behaviour related to month of their god with zodiac.

Let’s represent each and every zodaic symbols:


  • Nile:

This is the first zodaic sign they make it is the only zodaic sign in which they can’t represent any diety.  Egyptian belief that in this date of people born are very calmness peaceful. They can’t argument over do that things which can brought peace to them 

Date : January 1 -7, June 19 -28 September 1-7 , November 18-26.


  • Amun Ra:

It is the second zodaic symbols in which it represents the king of gods according to Egyptian Astrology . It is the most powerful Egyptian symbols. Those people who are born to these sign are optimistic and as well polite.

Date : January 22-31 , September 22 -8


  • MUT :

It is third zodaic signs in Egyptian represent the female deity.Tjise who were born in this zodaic are very sensitive and loyal ,genual.

Date January 22 ,31 September 22 ,8


  • Geb 

It is the fourth symbol which represent Egyptian God of Earth. Many of Egyptian people believe his laughter can cause earthquake. The people who are under this zodaic is very faithful open and sensitive  some time they can be emotional also 

Date : Feb 12 ,29


  • Osiris 

It is the fift symbol it represents the god of underworld and resurrection. People who are born under this zodaic are strong intelligent and venerable as well as independent. They become strong leader in their time .

Date March 1,10  November 27 and December 18


  • Isis 

God of nature represent people are honest and and straight forward 

Date March 11 31 October 18 


  • Thoth: 

It is the seventh zodaic signs as per Egyptian Astrology it represents the god of learning and wisdom.people born under this sign are energetic wise and courageous.

Date April 1,9 November  8,17


  • Horus 

One of the most powerful Egyptian symbols zodaic which represent the god of sky .the horus people are courageous , ambitious and optimistic. The people who are born under this zodaic are make practical design and also they are wise and motivate others.


Date April 20 may 27 August 12,19


  • Anubis 

The ninth sign belongs to underworld guardian and God of mumfi cation. People born under this sign are confidential and curious.however they are best but if they were alone they also introvert personalities.

Date  July 13 etc.


  • Seth

It is the 10th sign which represent the violence people born under this zodaic are most violating personalities . They seek challenging others and great communication skills for others.


May 28 June 18 September 28 October 2


  • Bastet

It is the eleventh sign which represent female divinity it is the diety of cats pleasure and fertility the bastet people always look for balance and avoid conflict.they are charming affectionate and sensitive also . They are loyal partners as per Egyptian Astrology.

Date  July 14 28 September 23,27


  • Sekhmet

It is last zodaic sign as per Egyptian Astrology it indicates the god of war . Those people who are born under this zodaic are have two sides of their personality .they are disciplined at one side but if their mind divert they goes to another side also . These people are goods at the sense of justice.

Date  July 29 August 11 October 30 December 7



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