Astrology field of study and career in Astrology

Astrology field of study and career in Astrology : It is defined as  pseudoscience that make predictions about how the stars and planet can influence a person’s fortune and future it is not scientific process it is based upon some study of horoscope.


Field of astrology

Astrology is range of divinatory practices recognised as pseudoscience from the 18th century.that propose that information about human affairs and terrestrial event may be affected by studing the parent position of celestial bodies.

Study of Astrology

General it is defined as the study of celestial moments like the stars position energy transfer etc.


What is the career in Astrology

As per astrology the there is lot of opportunities in astrology as others people who want to become a astrologer took admission in University and get degree and became professional astrologer .

The astrologer have special insights to see other birth future according to their Birth Chart .

Is there any scope in Astrology

Yes there is lot of scopes in it because people and even celebrity want to see insights regarding to their step. Astrology is highly respective job in which clients share there problem to astrologer and can solve their problems

Astrology and Science

  1. It contains a number of belief system which hold the relationship between astrological events or human description behaviour as per theory astrology would be rejected in the past bhai scientific community because there is no power for describing the universe .
  2. Scientific testing has no found the evidence of astrology about it detail.
  3. Astrology give falsable narration or any statement and prediction going wrong it decline has falsable  Astro .
  4. There is one conclusion also mentioned that Natal energy performs no better by chance .
  5. Astrology study has not scientific validity then it declare as pseudoscience in the past
  6. A study mention that there is no mechanism of action regarding prediction or events that happening to human life or in the Earth.
  7. In modern classification of astrology it is primary focus between Astrological Tradition and the season of human birth.

Astrology study ( Test of Astrology)

As per research Astrologer always avoid for making verifiable information . Across several testing of it by so many years there the prediction of astrology never been accurate then excepted by chance alone. In our previous times they do a experiment called blind experiment in which specific prediction experiment in a way it gonna be falsified. All  controlled experiment have failed to show any effect.

Astrology field of study

(University in India or foreign)

There are many universities to study in astrology like in Varanasi (Sanskrit Vedic college ) In New Delhi there is gurukul named Gurukul of Vedic Astrology.

Do you want to know in How to Dymsitify your existential crisis

Remove your karmic code and gain  clarity on your self purposes .

Master effective financial Forecasting

  1. Predict the financial growth period vedic astrological planetry analysis.
  2. Achieve stealer in success education


How to become a margdarshak

Discover and unlock the secrets and become a vedic astrology practitoner

How to enhance your career

Unlock the secrets of rights decision making regarding your future

What is the Indian version of astrology

In indian version there is term defined as jyotisha in which you going to study astronomy celestial bodies astrology and the science keeping using the movement of astrological bodies .

What is the Indian religion of astrology

In India Astrology and its practices are connected in a big way People believes in stars and how their postion might influence their life events . This mixup of looking stars with various custom and following it is a part of our Indian culture.

Logic behind Indian Astrology

In our vedas indian ancient system of knowledge indicates that how position of stars and planets influence the person life According to our Hinduism culture life is for our spritual growth.

Which country mostly believe in astrology

According to sources India and Japan are the most believers of astrology. In India we know all good work like marrige career are fixed according to astrology nakshatra and many more .

How can I check my astrology

Fir checking your astrology you can consult to a Astrologer or you may also use online Astrology app .for this provide your birth date time place and get accurate readings Astrology can provides you insights your personality traits strength and weakness and future trends.

Some important FAQ

Q Which planet is responsible for extramarital affairs

The most planet considering for any exotic relationship is Venus because it considered attraction and thrill in love planets like Mars Mercury Moon cause extra martial affairs

Q Where is best college in the field study of astrology

In Varanasi

Q Is astrology always true

Astrology is good to read general reading but not for long purposes.

Q which college is best for vedic astrology

Maharishi college is best for achieving the proper information about vedic astrology  it gives you correct information about gems  palmistry and  Crystal numerology.

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