Which Veda described Astrology

Which Veda described Astrology 

As we know there are many vedas described in our astrology like Rigveda yajurveda atharva veda etc. Which Veda described Astrology Every ved has their own specific knowledge. Today we gonna be discussing about which veda in our history indicates or related to astrology

So the result is here Atharva Veda is the type of veda who describes astrology The rig veda as well as yajur vedas also have some information about the astronomy are attached to it. But the Atharva veda has the section which describes astrology.

There are four types of Veda 

  1. Rig veda
  2. Yajur veda
  3. Sama veda
  4. Atharva veda


Rig veda 

It is the oldest form of veda. It is the oldest vedic Sanskrit language. The Rigved consist a large number of prayers which help to worship our god and goddess. The hymns written in this ved describes about the history of early vedic period.

Yajur veda 

It is the second veda of all existing vedas . In today or previous times it often called the book of rituals. It is filled with mantras as well as chants which are used in some rituals. It consists 40 adhyay and 1870 verses in it most of the verses are coming from our Rigved

Yajurveda is of two kinds they are
  • White yajur veda
  • Black yajurveda
  • Sama Veda

The sama veda is said as the veda of chants as it consists many chants which are chanted while you performing some kind of sacrifices it often called the book of udgata  priest

Sama veda is divided into two parts

  • Gana and archi ka

Atharva veda

Atharva Veda is described as the vedas of magical formulas. It is also called the book of spells. It is totally different from the other vedas it deals with the life problems of the people it deals with the astrological subject.

Is vedic astrology is always come true

While both vedic and modern Astrologyhas similar planet and interpristiin the calculation in vedic term are more accurate and details are described politely and potentially makes them more reliable. Fgg

What is veda describe vedic astrology 

The use of vedic astrology as per mentioned in veda is to associate with various purposes such as predicted the future understanding the human personalities . These ascepts  are facilated by various key elements such as nakshatra birth charts  , planetry position yoga and the Dasha system.

Which vedas contains Astrology

Well this can be no one because our veda simply says that no one can decide your future but it’s been decided by your own karma

You are the master of your life  destiny no one will be harm to yourself at some place you can get affected if you belive in nakshatra all these stuff but they can’t be decided your future.

From where does the Astrology basis come from 

The Astrology that we speak today has its basis from Jyotishsanga.which describes that it have supporting basis to the veda and doesn’t come from any veda.

It was developed largely for timekeeping purpose in addition to perform natural phenomenon a eclipse and suchilike from time vedanga has different changes when the modern concept is come .

There are few places where the astrology comes from many theories also said that it comes from manav dharamshashta.

Is astrology discussion in Veda puranas upnishad or any other ancient holy book of Hinduism  if it is yes then where are the points being conveyed Astrology and how we can take astrology in our daily life basis

My views on the Vedic astrology as per Veda defined that are below

  • Mostly people connect it to our veda but it is mentioned only it has nothing to do with veda . Astrology which is said in veda are like predictive tool there are some courses in astrology like eclipse etc
  • The most astrology books that our priests or modern priest said if you have to gain knowledge than you can must go to the vedic astrology book named as Vedic which is created in India in the ancient time of foreign cultural and polatical incisions.

As per Geeta Does lord Krishna advocate the use of astrology 

  1. No
  2. Lord Krishna advocate to perform your duty seriously sincerely and without any selfish motive
  3. Whatever is told in the name of astrology or bhakti yoga Raja yoga Karma Yoga but all points are said that do your work the result will be shown to yourself never being selfish to do anything  without any expectations you can do your work peacefully.

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