Best wedding Dates According to Rashifal in 2024 Astrology

Best wedding Dates According to Rashifal in 2024 Astrology

Best wedding Dates According to Rashifal in 2024 Astrology Marriage is one of the most precious and life time memorable event of our life and it is also the part of 16 shamskara as mentioned in our shastras . Choosing a  suitable muhurat for marriage is very important as our future depends on it our fate our life after marriage  is heavenly determined  by the date of marriage.

The most famous astrologer Numerologist and founder of numerovani  has shared ideal muhurat or date and time for each zodiac sign .

The ideal date of marriage is selected on the horoscope of both bride and groom by considering key planets such as (Venus Jupiter and Moon)

Wedding muhurat in 2024

There are around 16 suitable muhurat for marriage in 2024 ( as per our mithla panchang) and is spread across seven months that is January February March April july November December.

Let’s discuss 2024 marriage dates for each zodiac sign as well as from the sign moon.

Let’s start the date as per zodaic


January _ 20,21,23,28,30

February _6,8,12,24


April –18,19,23

July –9,14,15

November –16,18,26,28

December -9,14


January _16,17,22,28,30

February _4,5,17,29

March-  1,5,6,12

April -18,20,22

July – 11,14,15

November -12,13,23,29

December -5,10,14


January _16,17,28,29,30

February _8,12,17,26

March –   7,10

April -18,21,23

July -9,14,15

November -12,17,26

December -5,14


January _16,17,21,28,29,30

February _4,5,17,24,29

March- 1,5,6,10,12

April -18,21,23

July -9,11,14,15

November -16,18,22,26,28

December -4,5,10,14


January _ 20,21,23,28,30

February _ 4,5,7,24,30

March-  1,5,6,12

April –  ,19,20,21

July -11

November -18 ,22,23,26,28

December -4,5,10,14


January _ 16,17,21,28,29,30

February _ 17,15,123

March- 8,9,28

April -1,14,16

July -25,26,24

November -23,18,10

December -23,14


January _25,28,29

February _16,15,8,9

March- 4,6

April -15,5,8

July -1,2,3,8,9

November -17,14,21

December -2,9,7,8,4


january _ 20,21,23,28,30

February _ 4,5,7,24,30

March-  1,5,6,12

April – 18 ,19,20,21

July -11

November -18 ,22,23,26,28

December -4,5,10,14


January _20,21,23,28,30

February _4,5,17,24,30

March-  1,5,6,12

April -18,19,20,21

July – 11

November -18,22,23,28

December -4,5,10,14


January _ 16,17,21,28,30

February _4,8,12,17,26

March  1,7,10,12

April – 18,21,23

July -9,14,15

November -12,17,26

December -5,14


January _20,21,28,29,30

February _5,8,12,17,29

March-    5,10,11

April -18,21,23

July -9,14,15

November -12,17,26

December -5,14


January _16,17,21,23,30

February _4,5,17,24,25,26

March- 1,5,6,12

April – 4,5

July –18,19,20,21

November –18,22,23,26,28

December -4,5,10,14

To determine the ideal day we often considered the position of moon and Venus since they are the most favourable selected celestial bodies for loving in western astrology.

More and more couples are considering astrology when choosing their wedding date she adds and it is a great idea since Western Astrology places a lot of importance on the timing of event’s
When an astrologer advising a couple on their potential wedding dates she reviews each of their astrological charts to determine the best date for both of them.

When we avoid wedding in 2024

If you want to do best wedding in 2024 if you are manifested best partner you can take care of several things I have a knowledge or I do study and proper research in it many Astrology and a very popular astrologists mention that which highly period you just avoid your marriage.

It is highly recommend bed couple avoid getting married during the retrograde or an eclipse this is highly unpredictable by nature and the outcome of the marriage can be just that couples should avoid both time when both Mercury and Mars in ditrograde including April 1st and August 5 and 27 and 25 of November till December 15
These years can be indicative of a reversal of a contract or a marriage full of miscommunication and misunderstood as say by very popular astrologer


Is 2024 is best for wedding and marriages

2024 brides are considered lucky according to Chinese astrology due to the significance of the this year and the belief that leap years will gave you prosperous for lovers couples it symbolises infinite love of partners choose a wedding date is very crucial
So you just consult your partner end decide with your astrologer consent matter equally from both sides

Why is 2024 wedding is best

According to per astrology In 2024 The stars are aligning in your favour astrolger said that according to astrology several optimistic auspicious planetry configuration are all settled to fill you with grace our skies these cosmic alignments are believed to pusher you in possitive energy and luck as well make it an opportunity time to celebrate the adventures of your marriage


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