Numerology Life Path No.1

Numerology Life Path No.1 Numerology Life Path No.1 

Numerology in astrology 2024 numerology Life Path Number one 1 mulank

I see previously discuss about how many houses are there in astrology as per vedic astrology should learn theory of astrology it’s consequences and how it affected us by planetary of motion and position how many life changes and how many struggles did the person can see a whole life by knowledge of planetary position so there is a one more chapter comes in vedic astrology it is the little part of its be called numerology.

So the question behind that what is numerology:

So basically neurology is study behind the number we ask that a person who born in a specific day that is 1234 etc so there is a specialist characters or quality comes from birth.


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Today we discussed about number one in numerology.

Number one definition: so where we tell about number one in neurology as per vedic astrology or as per astrology. Numerology number 1 is ruled by the planet sun and we know that the sun makes a person like powerful thoughtful give all strength hard working and self dependent. They are also natural leaders who have good controlling activities and creative.

Sometimes they become most egoistic and stubborn type of nature.

Numerology Life Path No 1.

As I previously told you that who have number one in their birth of date have leading abilities..

  1. They are not get influenced by others.
  2. They wants to be get freely or they love their freedom.
  3. They are very self dependent they didn’t rely on others.

Here we conclude the many points so number one is Personality

Number 1 person Personality:

So your life part number is one as per numerology, that person are a purposeful and been a goal oriented person by birth they have a lot of dedication towards the work or goal they have hungry of achieve something in the life and they can do a lot of hard work and resolution

  • They put the heart and soul into complete their goals they always willing and face their problem.
  • Many hurdles that come in there way they are very clear in path and quite responsibility take all challenges that comes in front of them. Beside that if you has life part 1 in Numerology need attention as well as affection from people around there and in return the always protect them and treat them with love and respect.
  • Number one person can be careful for that if the situation or result doesn’t came that you thought then it give the negative impact on your life.

Life Path Number 1 in Numerology: Possitive and Negative impacts

One of the things that they may in decided they are very career oriented, intellectual, very dynamic which help you to face people in your daily task or I can say daily routine. They are very bold to take enough risk and create their own path to get achievements what they have seen in their future they can make a clear path to win or to get succeed in their life.

If a low something in the life become more violent and aggressive at the same time. Number one people as per numerology artic kind of people who gave always clerience aur importance to struggle achievement success self oriented.

Let talk about negative impact.

So as I tell you number one mulank people have dominating qualities baby come to selfish. Aggressive and self concerned person. Sometimes it became so aggressive and it give your negative qualities or negative impact which led to the turn your mind set in a negative way

Life Path Number 1 Carrer and Growth:

It is noticed that number 1 peoples are really succeed in their life when they are alone but then they put themselves in a screw with all the freedom they make down theirself they need to be alerts in that situation of their life .

They are also advised to own a buisness related to construction or craft so if you work hard and dream big you surely make happend this in your life.

How ever in this process maybe your physical health may not be good so you have to take care of yourself take proper healthy diet exercise etc.

Another advise for number 1 people that never be overconfident in their life because when a person is down to earth they become more humble and they make theirself a successful respectful man in Society.

They didn’t like government job or service etc They like to do work in business field.

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