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Numerology Number 2 in astrology 2024 Mulank 2

I see previously discuss about how many houses are there in astrology as per vedic astrology should learn theory of astrology it’s consequences and how it affected us by planetary of motion and position how many life changes and how many struggles did the person can see a whole life by knowledge of planetary position so there is a one more chapter comes in vedic astrology it is the little part of its be called numerology.

So the question behind that what is numerology:

As in previous numerology we study about the number one in numerology.
So basically neurology is study behind the number we ask that a person who born in a specific day that is 1234 etc so there is a specialist characters or quality comes from birth.

Numerology number 2 destiny’s

The number 2 is ruled by the moon here at the few characteristics of the moon can will be seen in a person rule by moon that means a person who is born on the number two of any month.

The characteristics of moon is that because moon is the controller of mind imagination and calmness if the person destiny number is to then there more things can change in accordance to their situation moon raining and waxing cycle that means like when eclipse found lunar eclipse or when in full moon in New Moon the whole short of 15 days gap person can suffer for mood swings.

The most wings by the moon that the person become sometimes very happy and all charge and the next day they are thinking into depression being close to earth, the insurance of Moon is very much stronger when the lunar influence may item make your thoughts run wide. Intelligent intellectual or being unable to channelise your thought and the left to a mad cap in that you have such an uncertain permanent the people around you might actually be astonished or being witness to your range
that means if a person in front of you and you are very in aggressive mountain they can face your age and aggression at the same time


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Moon character process in Numerology number 2

Moon there is also hidden side of you the dark side of you is hidden from the world being a number to person you are scared of trusting others and because of this characteristics of yours you want complete and every task by yourself that means you can do work by yourself.
Because that person feel if they can share the work with another person puts you down.

They are easy pret and flattery and are cheated to others.


  1. Best qualities of Numerology Number 2

Qualities of numerology number 2 the best quality about number to as is that they are the most likeable people in appear group they are very cordial with everyone that means they have a very positive and please everyone connect themselves.
However when we are talk about your family life and you are very unable to meet the divorce need and open to please because you are trying to settle your on problem and ITU es pick sometimes that people said that you are on partner any ratings speak in kind words for you .

Numerology Number 2 some possitive and negative qualities

Possitive qualities:

  1. They have high patience level.
  2. They tolerates everything until they can.
  3. They are very aggressive
  4. They are very charming look wise

Negative traits

  • They are very sensitive in their personal or professional life.
  • They are introvert because they are very shy.

Remedies for numerology number 2 people

  • Donate milk on the Monday and where there is full moon
  • Wear white cloth most.
    Keep peacock feather in your books etc.
    Perform moon Pooja ritual

We should talk about number 3 Numerology in next update

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