Eighth house in Vedic Astrology 8th House Astrology Guide

Eighth house in Vedic Astrology

8th house in Vedic astrology : As we are previously discussed about how to the all over 10 houses influence our lifes and make it easier or toughest the life . We all are energy . We in our previous topic discussed about how Astrology influence our life the 9th house gives us a strength today we are going to discuss about 8th house in Vedic astrology.

Let’s start:

The 8th house occupies a very strong position all of the 12th house in astrology this houses often considered malafi in previous astrology discussion I usually say a word malefic and I describe the meaning of melifique situation of malific planet .

In  the vedic astrology the 8th house regulate the areas like death longubility and southern and expected event that kind of development it is regard one life you to scenario in the house number 8 include one lifespan and the reason of his death as per 8 house astrology.

Sign and planet according to 8th house

The 8th house is called the are ayu bhav in the Vedic astrology it is deal with the security Scorpio sign I mean zodiac sign with characteristic suggest mystery posses, passion and ambition the planet Mars is the natural significator of the 8 planet sorry house it is the best house for the planet like Jupiter and sun and a week house for moon Mars and mercury. Hindi vedic astrology aur in our Shastra 8 number decline also as a Karma and lord Krishna.

Area governed by 8th house in our life as per vedic astrology

So basically we discussed about how its governed our life that means how it influence our life what are the effect of 8th house in our life and what are the major consequences that would be happen and we can stay alert by knowing our house chart by astrology so let’s discuss below

So basically the 8th house in kundli is also related to well all the sudden and unexpected events that take place in our life it includes growth and reduction of wealth happened due to changes triggered by the 8th house means house it open the path of wealth but if it is triggered by something or by some planet it can bring reduction of our things that reduced and reduction will happen like sudden gaining sudden loss windfall in share well insurance etc happened to the 8th house so basically we can say 8th house is also called the transformation and the mysterious house it is favourable planetary formation in house 8 number May cause depression delay disatisfaction and defeat. The body part that influenced by the 8th house is our reproductive system and the colonge area.


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Significance of 8th house:

8th house is strongly linked to the sharp variations in differ areas of life including wealth,fortune and so on . It is also about the ups and down in destiny and the highs and lows in area’s which are linked to human happines. If the position of eighth house can boost the fortune of native .Om the other side we look an adverse alignment herin can mark troubles difficulties and challenges.

Criticalness of eighth house astrology

The planet in eighth house in horoscope are afflicted, it may affect the longevity of that person. It may cause chronic illness and various forms of misery mental peace may be lost.There may be even be monetary issues punishment addictions losing the loved ones ,death and other type of problems.


Possitivess in Eighth house in Astrology abilities.

On the other hand we see possitivess about eighth house in Astrology it may have several positive outcomes .Like the person may have a long life. Beside the planetary position of eight house will be more inclined towards all metaphysical subject and issue related to psychic abilities.


Eighth House ruler Astrologer in Astrology 

As per astrology  in the eighth house the ruler planet is the biggest planet Jupiter .if it is strong the Abundance finance are very high peaked Jupiter is well aspectied  in this position especially by Venus.and the sun or ruler planet.


Is 8th House karmic

As per Vedic Astrology the 8th planet’s known as karmic. Planet .because eighth number also highlighted the saturn planets and this is known as karmic planets . It generally linked to your debt and takes to your action of previous life karma so we ussuallly indicates as karmic planets.

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