Indian Astrology free 2024

Indian Astrology free in 2024

Indian Astrology free in English. Free Horoscope : By just entering your few details like Name S*ex Date of birth and birth place you can get various astrology reports based on Indian Astrology free of cost .

Indian Astrology free  Calculation Method

  1. Basic details
  2. Planetry position
  3. Vimshotary Dasha
  4. Lagan birth chart
  5. Navmansha chart
  6. Transit chart


Indian Astrology free 2024 prediction

Interpretation of all planets i.e Mercury, Venus,  Jupiter , Saturn , Sun , Moon, Rahu ketu , Mars based on Indian astrology. Interpretations of vimshotary Dasha and Antar dasha period based on Indian astrology.


Indian Astrology free  kundli 

What is kundli ?

Janam kundli is an astrological chart that vedic astrologers creates based on your exact birth date birth month place and time .

Vedic rishi brings you the free kundli calculator that provides you with 100 percent original and accurate kundli prediction in two Indian languages. 

As per Indian astrology free definition kundli in brief

The word  kundli is derived from the Sanskrit word “kundala” which means coiled snake . 

Vedic astrology a kundli is a birth chart in which it helds a graphical representation of person details .


How our Indian astrology free kundli calculator helps

As per Indian astrology  these are the terms below :


Free personalised analysis 

 Our experienced astrologer make           customised Janam kundli as per your details.Hence it identifies your strength and powers. Such reports cab genually help you improve as a person also for your growth.

Future insight 

Your kundli provides insight to your future events that helps you to stay prepared and plan in advance . It gives to you understand the life events such as marriage partner etc.


Your kundli provides you instant solution or remedies as per your situation. It aids to reducing the impact of your life of malefic planetry and influences in your natal chart. 


What is Remedial Astrology 

Can expect to experience . According to thee vedic astrology, these effects are a result of past actions, action in previous lifetimes.

Our time of place in birth is not random it’s specifies a birth chart for us  delivering the result of our past actions through the quality of our Natural law at the time of birth the act of birth imprints these law in your psychology  and the environment that we are born in the planetry position  care accurate to measure these laws Remedial measures are those things that we do to heal our past life trauma and neutralised their results. There are different type of remedial measures as per indian Astrology free

  1. Jap pujan
  2. Yantra
  3. Gemstones 

Jap pujan : there are many mantra as mentioned in our puran granth ved every problem has its solution before you can chant mantra for differ differ kinds of problems  in different situation 

Yantra :  yantra is defined as the geometry symbol for focusing the points. It is also used for union to gods . There are also many yantra has mentioned like for money there is shreem yantra  . The yantra is highly efficient because they helps to you better concleption meditation and concentration and the possibilities of your making mistakes are going straight while meditating also decrease with the smart use of yantra as mantra is used to realisation just like that yantra is there for visualization.

Yantra is most advanced phases are achieved to gain total silence in mind while mental chatters  stops completely this is achieved by all tactics of concentration.

Gemstones: Basically the most famous gemstones is is also defined as the energetic and protection crystal it is made up of two word Rudra second is Aksha Rudra is defined as lord shiv and aksha is defined as tears it is said that the plant of rudraksh is made of lord Shiva tears

As per the Vedic scriptures the rudraksha can decrease the effect of malefic planets to a great extent .our shastras says rudraksha of any mukhi can never harmed the person unlike navratan which have to be carefully chosen. The seed of rudraksha has given a special place and it is credited and with mystical and divine properties it is said that the seed of rudraksha contains the secret of entire evolution of the cosmic energy Rudraksh are worn for their specific benefits these are much more powerful and can help you to achieve your goals is it energized in the right way rudraksha of different Mukhi is corresponding the planet it may be sufficient to go for only for those Mukhi who is rulling planet may cause malefic effect before using the rudraksha and  it can you please and purify with ghee butter milk and do plan pratishtha when the mantra start chanting to the Mukhi it is activated and give benefit to you or any person who wore it .

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