How can I calculate my Golden Transist


Today we discussed on another good topic Golden Transist . It sounds so good if I am right then here we go . When benifits planets often Jupiter and venus align in the celestial sphere. In astrology these planets are considered and associated with positive influences such as growth , abundance and harmony.

How can I calculate my Golden Transist in my birth chartGolde

Golden Transit
What is Golden Transit period? Is information in golden transit is accurate?

In simple and easy language there is no GOLDEN TRANSIST in vedic astrology 

According to Vedic astrology  our destiny gets fixed till our death and the time when we take birth .

Each and every event of the life is fixed when we take born 

Each and every event of life is fixed in vedic astrology 

A learned  disciple of vedic astrology decodes it to understand it.

According to Vedic astrology all life and events are all ready fixed at the time of your birth and it reflects in horoscope but not all events are delivered at a time. Every event has time of delivery and the time of delivery of events is governed by the mahadasha ruling period. There are some rules and regulations make by  Rishi and sant muni’s in our astrology let’s learn step by step

Transit planet cannot give a result unless it is promised by running mahadasha planet and mahadasha planet cannot give result until or unless it is promised by horoscopic level. As a result that transist planet and the mahadasha planet can’t give exact result individually there own.

According to Golden Transit how will I know that I am going to buying a house 

  • Building a house of purchasing a house is very excitement thing that we can all do. But at the same time it is most stressful and financially painful. If you are financially strong and give your efforts and time on the same thing or on the way of making your house you can begin to build it the following point in Greece give you brief idea how to construct a house on time period are as per in astrology. 
  • Find a suitable land in good area with good rates
  • Let’s discuss your detail in the family know they are choices that number of rooms how much you prepare and what type of house they want. It would be easy for you to give outline and estimate your money how much it gonna be take to build a house 
  • Then set your budget you just cannot start to make a house my considered average cost surface area will be dependent on the surface and area of the house but there interiors and other things will be depend on your budget or on your own wish that how you give look to your house in interior 
  • If your budget is low about your wishes then you go for a loan scheme or anything.
  • If you want to going as per astrology then consult your astrologer that which time period is suitable for your home always time table time periods your planets and horoscopic level is very strong you can make your dream house or purchase your dream house according to your horoscope 

Which golden transit is very important in astrology? 

The idea of golden transit is not based on as per astrology study but it is based on a subject concept which relief upon a most deterministic and dualistic perspective of astrology.

I would like to consider all transit if the golden transit when you understand natal chart as a function of your life there is inheritance no good no bad but the result can be in favour of progressive and can be in favour of regressive.

Ques: why we look a person birth chart if things are controlled by the planets transit?

So this time is revealing time actually accurate prediction can’t be made without the transit. You are able to predict 60% of actual events of life of anyone from the horoscopic or burger chart this is why astrology is demonised across the world 

Ques : what is the concept concept of transit or Golden transit in astrology 

In general with so many peoples the transit planet would be slow and clear all because they can stay in one sign for a long time of other and another to manifest it because for a long time Jupiter stay one year saturn live for 2 years and Rahu ketu space 1.5 years somewhere the period of dasha system of a person associate with these planet will be flash somewhere.

Ques: what is the technique to analyse the golden transit or transit plane is in astrology 

Technique of transit theory in practice that has linked during studies of Transits. Our research focus in the fast  transit of planet direction in everyday life by focusing on their energy the speed and frequency so theory will be reflected in not only as fast higher  transits it could be in a article somewhere as for more illustrative.

Ques: How do I do read the transit result of the planet in astrology ?

Reading of a transit is very complicated itself

 Just give you example while you daily seen transit  of moon in daily basis or daily signs and prediction moon transit in signs i.e Rashi and change of sign of other planets during the week are taken consideration  while making  weekly prediction . San transit is used to make monthly prediction which we read in newspaper or any other general from time to time but in predictive astrology results are not declared by the use of transit of planets 

Ques : what are the luckiest transit in astrology or we say Golden Transit 

Traditionally many astrologer say that Jupiter is the beneficiary planet  it would come with good fortune to anyone life where it transit this is called golden transit it means it come with good fortune goods scope . It is positive planetary alignment has often associated with lot of prosperity wealth and success Jupiter transist fill give you a lot of financial growth opportunity in this transact you can see improvement in income investment and materialistic things

As per vedic astrology Vedic examples is Jupiter is on 2nd 7th and 9th house moon is also positive at the time of birth in the remaining houses it can give negative result also

Ques : How I calculate the golden time period as per according to natal astrology

For calculation you have to check your vimshotary Dasha of the planet you also check astakvarga point particularly the position of transit Saturn will guide you for the  Golden time running or in near future to bless you

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