Future prediction exact by your Date Of Birth

Future prediction 2024

Future prediction 2024
Future prediction 2024

Hello viewers today we start discussing on the topic future prediction it sound so weird but yes we could it lets start a short note on each and every topic briefly in easy way so here we can :so basically our first topic is  How I check my future in 2024

As we know very well Our horoscope is also known as our birth chart and kundali is a map of celestial bodies at the exact time of our birth. By analysing and read the influence of our planets and modify how it affects our life at different different stages in health wealth etc astrologer provide you to valuable insights regarding your future .

Can Astrology predict Future accurate.

Does it sound entertaining or stressed messy at the same time so here we are as we know astrology cames several thousand years ago we heared it from our childhood but this questions is always on everyone mind that it is right or it is wrong. Those people who are blindly faith in that will believe all kinds of prediction but who are stuck they will hang in this questions. 

Look you must have seen or heared that  many times you hear it is the science behind it to predict the future but it is wondering yes or no.because it depends on the event’s and your personal preferences.

Vedic astrology as I say that it is based on the study of planets your charts your houses your nakshatra etc along with your birth place and time to calculate certain events. And calculate your life terms.

Astrology can predict your life events by calculating your planets birthchart.by reading your horoscope,zodaic Astrologer tell you about your personal growth your opportunity  carreer growth challenges  eg to be if some one has Leo type of zodaic his or her energy would be fiery  ,bold  those results or study is same for all. While astrology has potential to tell you about your future prediction but  it is based on your decision your thoughts astrologer can’t tell you exact time period of years it is also based how you work how you thought about this will you work for it according what type of prediction it is . I hope you understand the concept they can ask you but if you want it you have to wait and work .

Components using for Future Prediction 

Zodaic signs 

There are 12 zodaic signs such as taurs Leo Aries etc  where each is link with unique personality and character.


Astrologer keeps the track of position of celestial bodies where as Vedic Astrology make use of 9 planets where 2 imaginary planets are involved.


When you see correctly or recognise it  there are specific divison in the chart and it is called houses which represent specific part of life such as money carrer weatlth love etc 


Astrologer mainly observe the angle formed in celestial bodies to know someone life deeply .

Free future prediction 

There are many apps mention in various websites.in which they can predict your future by horoscope or other vedic method to know your Future Prediction you can simply login to any app like astrotalk or free life report or any other .after it you can simply fill your details like name email your zodiac age then they ask you about any questions you should give  answer to it . In the basis of your information they can make a chart and give answer to your question.

Love life future prediction 

Basically it can predict by love horoscope.if you are tensed that who will be your partner would be. If you find the right one but the compatibility hard to attain .love is like a wonderful you can’t see it but you feel hard it .To make the ends meet in your life for love make your plan with your partner in Love Horoscope.

To know about your love Future Prediction you also take help from apps like Love calculator or any app in which they show a chart and take information about you and your partner like name zodaic.then they match both of your compatibility and difference equality hurdles etc or any type of questions related your future prediction you can ask them and get your answer back 

Love future prediction you can also assure by giving your kundali.they also read and ask you general information from Natal chart which I previously discussed from vedic astrology.

Spouse future prediction 

Many people wants to know in today world that how your spouse coming to your life .if you have already your partner then how you took your relation and convert into marriage. 

There are many astrologers who predicts thats in that time will be good or they tell you about their initials but sometimes can’t clear the exact time .

You have to wait sometime for long and sometimes you get it too early.it also based on life aspects and your work.

Most important FAQ 

Q:Can you find any type of answer from astrologer 

Yes as per astrology you can find general information but not exact time .or you want to know about your future how future prediction will be done they read chart notice it and then give you general information.h

Q: What is various app about Future Prediction will we have to go and believe it

You should go and check whatever you want but if your institution says then you go if you believe and you are curious or if you worried about how it would be then you go and check general readings and believe it.

Free app or paid app for future prediction 

Many apps are said that first talk with any astrolger will free but after that if anyone charge fees etc then it would be their policy we can’t do anything about it.

Q: Tarrot future prediction 

It is a short time prediction in which they can answer to your question by reading the cards future prediction is also a small part of astrology.

Q: Numerology future prediction 

It should be signified by knowing your numeric

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