Nadi Astrology Predictions 2024

Nadi Astrology Predictions 2024
Nadi Astrology Predictions 2024

What is Nadi Astrology?


Nadi astrology is defined as  in ancient times it is a method of delination and a mysterious method needing for extensive research in which the guru take the holders or who came to check their nadi dosh then they make the process by holding of these ‘destiny’ leaves take your thumb impression or I say your thumbs picture , go through several bundles of the leaves preserved by them, ask some questions about you and your past to choose correct leaf and gives you correct answer.

What all the nadis in your body represents?


Basically nadi represent the pulse and energy cycle in your body . It is basically divided into three groups which is represented as:

  1. Aadi Nadi
  2. Madhya Nadi
  3. Antya Nadi

Is Nadi astrology is correct?

Ganesh Nadi says that Any genuine nadi is based on 360 degree of the zodaic and divided into 12 parts or I say 12 signs

Each sign containing 150 whole nadi mass and rest  contains 300 half amass. Ganesh Nadi is considered to be very accurate as it divided into 1800 nadi mass for each of the 12 signs.

How many types of nadi mentioned in Nadi astrology


As per astrology there are 10 type of nadis are represent each of them are mentioned below:


  1. Sushumna
  2. Ida
  3. Pinghala
  4. Gandhari
  5. Hasta jivha
  6. Yashaswini
  7. Pusha
  8. Alam busha
  9. Kuhu
  10. Shank hini

There are three main nadis are considered in astrology

  1. Central channel :  The central channel named in ancient times or vedic astrology called Sushumna . It connects the base chakra to crown chakra . It is used and it is important in yoga and tantra . It corresponds  the river Saraswati.
  2. Side Channel : The side channel called in Vedic astrology is  Ida and pinghala . Now ida defined left channel and pinghala defined right channel. Ida is associated with lunar energy and ida has a moonlike structure and it indicates feminine energy in goes from the testicle to left nostril and it corresponds to river Ganga.
  3. Right channel: The right channel called in vedic astrology is pinghala. Now it defines as pinghala is associated with solar energy it has a sunlike structure and represent masculine energy it’s temperature is heating and flows from the right testicle to right nostril and corresponds to river Yamuna.

Basically work on Nadi or balancing your nadis will also help to balance your all chakra and activate your kundalini. It is a deep process we would discuss later.

Nadi’s Functions and its activities:-

In the theory of hatha yoga the nadi considered as prana life force energy .

In physical world the nadis are channels carrying air water blood nutrients and other body fluid around with veins arteries bron hole  lymph canals casually in casual body the nadis are called cosmic vital seminal mental etc . It is very important in yoga spritual activities consciousness etc.

The two nadis Ida and Pinghala are considered as sometimes two hemisphere of brain Ida defined as the introverted lunar Nadi correspond to the right side of the body and left side to the brain whereas pinghala is defined as extroverted solar nadi correspond to the left side of body and right side of brain .


What is Nadi dosh ?

Dosh mean exactly what unluckiness and things that can cause problems . By knowing and mixup those term nadi dosha is considered basically the Problem or imperfections which occurs at marriage like environmental problems heath complications and other major scenario

Is marrige are possible if we have nadi dosha


The last nadi is antya nadi  this nadi represent element like kapha ( water,) and the energy flow from top to bottom.according to horoscope matching if nadi dosha is a fault in horoscope .as a result it generates a few complications and problem in couples marrige  .

Can Nadi Dosha will be removed?


Yes as mentioned in astrology Nadi dosh is removed by Mahamrityunjay mantra of the couple recite and chants it with pure heart and a lot of dedication . The couple married life will change into fortune and luxurious and it shows good results and remove all negative effects and control your dosh.

Nadi dosh nivaran Pooja May be performed in kundali Milan to remove the Nadi dosha.

Is Nadi dosh serious?


Yes it could be comes out from offspring . One of the primary concern associated with Nadi dosha is the possibilities of heath issues in the offspring. It is believed that couple’s  with Nadi dosh would be face difficulties and health consequences the offspring may be prone to aliments or genetically they have genetic disorders .

How to check Nadi dosha


Identify your nadi : You need to know the Nakshatra of both partners .each and every nakshatra has a specific nadi associated and paired up with it as per astrology .
How it check let me tell you if both partners nadi are same then it cause nadi dosha .

What if your nadi become 0 in your kundali


If you have 0  nadi in your kundali then its mean you have nadi dosh . Nadi is the most important koota in guna milan that is why it has maximum point in the table you can check Nadi veedha . If there is no veedha it means you are eligible to get married because nadi dosha will be cancelled out .

Most important FAQ

Q- Is Nadi dosh is only from Brahmin?


It’s for the male and female equally but generally it affects the Brahmin A person is not classified as brahim from the birth cast etc karma cast horoscope are also three ascpects as the person is Brahmin or not.

Q What is the rule of marriage in Nadi method?


As per nadi astrology the Dasha Bhukti and antar planets should signify 2 7 11 houses for the planet nakshatra lord or sub lord to predict marriage.

In case of that planets not representing the above house’s and depicting 1-6-10 it means the planet is negative  for marriage and it won’t materlize easily.

Q- How to remove Nadi dosha before marriage?


Donation of food grains gold and cloth for needy person is effective way to cut dosha . One can also donate equal food as weight of their marriage .


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