Cafe Astrology what is Astrology

Cafe Astrology What is it what is Astrology 


For sanctuaries human are curious to locked the way of heaven for guidance and blessing. Astrology or study of astrology is a part of it according to theory astrologers can connect to the cosmic energy by study the motion of planet stars and Moon. Many astrologer believe that that position of Sun moon and their sign on the planetary position are affected at the time of childbirth can justify or can explain the person character in which he or she born. The energy is have direct influence on the person character it is said that it affect the person density behalf of that many astrologer said or want that if we free a guy or a girl there is a almost chances to get changes in individual their life. Today our topic is cafe astrology you seeing that what is that weird word but today I discussed openly what is cafe astrology what is the meaning of cafe astrology and what cafe astrology affects us what is consequences how to study a take blessing from cafe astrology.

We at cafe astrology study and feel that astrology is the better way to understand ourself or the other one it is powerful and fun tool to understand ourself . You can see all here that we are take help from different different languages different science culture different different tradition different different theory base upon past but we indicate it together to understand a better was a version  ourself and the other words.  Like if he if I considered it to the science world then we use psychology to know about human behaviour and research on it how human behave how their emotions their hormone  changes I mean to say that it is also our tool to understand ourself and understand other one. Life science psychology similarly astrology also gives us tools to explore and understanding human mind behaviour and offer of a language for communicating others.

While we using the natal chart it is also called horoscopic chart. It is just like a window to see the event of a individual life we can study the chart and easy to understand that what events are going on in future life for any person. We never use it for a favourable and past judgement also we can’t use it for explanation.

We can’t describe astrology is an imperfect language because if we think that we are perfect in reality we can’t. So our  interpreciation or our thinking is never considered that it is perfect. Astrologer said that he should know all things very well it is not good if he knows 1% or 2% of it but remain 99 or 98% he can’t in this situation it is dangerous for us because many people have blind failed on astrology or an astrologers if he can do that that he doesn’t know anything perfectly but he claims that he knows very well it can be misleading for that individual who come to solve their questions.

We are lucky in today’s generation that software will be developing everywhere we can easily make our nether chart from any astrologer or by ourself if you have minimum or maximum knowledge of that things. If you have not your netal chart am we should learn in next paragraph on next word how to make netal chart as per your birth


Cafe astrology natal chart  what’s your sign

Doesn’t know about your Sign symbols at the birth of time because nobody knows what is your sign and symbols even your grandparents even your parents they will doesn’t know because they will think that  they can make your kundli or your little chat your host copy reading by the Astrologer or any individual who are able to read it and in this process many of considered that you are fine or symbol is the sun element because at the position sun is superior at the time of your birth. If the astrologer saying that sun is your zodiac sign then what is this quality of sun zodaic

Son or their sign astrology get a lot of pres with a littles thought sun signs are divided into 12 parts as per horoscopic chart it is divided into 12 category is very difficult and is far to very simplistic  therefore the tooth is that every individual planet is very complex on the earth

Sun and sign in cafe astrology

While the sign position of sun is very meaningful but there is a lot of things in astrology then the sun decide the sign of a sun each people has different sign like winners signed moon sign Jupiter science or many planet

Each of the planet is being in different houses in their chart.

How is character influenced by sun or planets in Cafe astrology 

Character are also being influenced in The luminous energy and the sun planet or many points astrologer generally measures these relationship by the number of degrees determine the prediction it is a part of simply netal chart analysis astrologer has variety of system like predictive astrology in this case the predict something event coming in the world or a person life

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