12th house in astrology Final House Astrology,Horoscope Final House of the horoscope

12th house in astrology Final House Astrology,Horoscope Final House of the horoscope

As our previous question we should discuss about change prediction and many more scenario who calls astrology assign to decide our future or we can take help regarding any question any scenario where you are stuck in that condition you can find a clue. So now we here to discuss about how 12th house identity what’s its features what its behaviour so lets began.


The 12th house is known as bhav in vedic astrology it is the house of loss the liberation the isolation and decline following the house of ambition and growth is the 12th house that house governs Mysore West expenses divine knowledge such as spirituality moksh in English we say final emancipation and life after that it is the also called the house of detachment where you find yourself detach from other these if there were your family parents friends partner you have attached in your life you can be deattached from it.

Possitivness in 12th house in astrology

The twelfth house can teach us the benifit of aloneness instead they were feel the experience about Lonliness Meditation the yoga and other kind of spiritual would be feel in their whole life they will be in their age will affected by spritual path .

Rules of 12th house in Astrology

According to 12th house in astrology the twelfth house is considered the unseen realm the last house in the cycle contain all things that exist without physical form.that is dream,secrets , emotions along with affairs and addictions and psychological ailments.

Karma in 12th house in astrology

According to Astrology the special’ karma that is specific to the twelfth house has to do with which have to be realation ship or which they live together breathe and have their one love being.
It is to say what happens Tod from previous turns of the cycle and the astrological wheel that is other life cycles

12th house profession in Astrology

The 12th house will make the person come passionate and you will be give them time money and energy freely to other that means you can give healing together you will be drawn to healing other one such as psychology manner counselling work to do social work for people you be a nurse are you joining the medical field for helping others you can’t see other suffering you feel like you have a higher purpose to serve yourself to others.

12th house responsibility in Astrology

According to Astrology the responsibility of 12th house is indicates as let you belie ve if the settled presence in your 12th house of chart distorse of hide sense of responsibility towards equality spirituality soltitude and introspection. The individuals are often drawn to a solitary pursuit suggest meditation yoga or esoteric studies and meaning in the depth of their own cycle.

Secrets out of 12th house in astrology

In astrology the 12th house represent the most hidden part of our personal development in spiritual journey the house wealth is often linked with our subconscious and what in our inner world and what it comes out some way it is full packet of substantials and hidden talent it always indicates the hidden talent and whatever intuition powerplay in tuition in our subconscious mind. And everyone knows subconscious mind is very powerful according to consciousness.

Money in 12th house in Astrology

It is a very important house to make a person super is because pattern also lies in the 12th house of the chart and we all know that Saturn indicates hard work and if a person go through hard work they will be get better result which I said to you a person can become super rich only when he can multiply his well and full multiplying his belt 1 minute is the invested and 12th house of horoscope is the house of investment.

12 house moksha in astrology

According to Vedic astrolger it is said that the 12th house bhav indicates misery loss expenditure waste sympthy piety divine knowledge of worship and the state after death.

Sufferness in 12th house astrology.

They can be wounded by selfish people who only take and never appreciate or give back to them. This is why the twelfth house is also known as the house of suffering. Feeling used, tossed out, abandoned and betrayed is often a twelfth-house experience

Many astrologer said that twelfth house people supports a lot they can be wounded by the selfish people it means they can cover around a people in which they think that there was friends but they betrayed them in their selfness who only take and never appreciate or give back to them it is also called suffering of 12th house people they were feeling use that someone or somebody use them all days for their work the intentionally used themselves they feel like posted out that if the front people have complete their work from the people which is in 12th house then they can throw over in their life so basically they betrayed in every level in their life either in relationship either in friendship either in work permit or extra

Ruler of 12th house in astrology

According to astrology our life consequently change about the changing of position and motions .the twelfth house is called sometimes it is called unconscious is said that it is ruled by the Pisces zodaic and their planets jupiter and Neptune .

Guru in twelfth house

There is a one Guru in each planet so in 12th the Guru Jupiter blesses you with many opportunity you can travel long distance that means you can go foreign land or any above etc and it is very beneficial to you you can go spiritual and religious in your attitude you keep yourself occupied in related activities which can bring joy and satisfaction to you .

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