How does the zodiac wheel work and what is zodiac wheel

Astrology wheel : How does the zodiac wheel work and what is zodiac wheel

Zodiac Wheel:consequences considered astrological wheel in 2024 what is astrological wheel chair circle astrological charge showing 12th class science in vedic astrology horoscopic levels and belonging standard symbol wheel of the zodiac used in modern horoscopic astrology with 360 degree and houses discuss what is astrological chart
Zodiac cricle, Astrological chart are in various forms showings all twelve star signs and symbols are occuring from belonging planets.

How does the zodiac wheel work and what is zodiac wheel

Zodiac Wheel  : As per astrology Sargodha is will also known as the bill please a role in astrology ek symbol I represent the century through the sky throughout the year it have a block which divided into  12 parts it’s associated with the specific astrological sign

What are 14 zodiac dates and per Astrology Wheel

Aries : April 18 and May 13

Taurus : May 14 and June 19

Gemini:  June 20 July 20

Cancer: July 2 August 9

Leo:  August 10 September 15

Virgo September 15 October 30

Libra:  October 31 November 22

Scorpio:  November 23 November 29

What do the 12 house’s of astrology represent

Wild houses one through 6 represent night you are inner war and your individual self how to 7 through 12 represent day who are you in the outside world and who are you with another others and humanity as a whole the 7th house in your first introduction into this environment  awareness of other

Understanding the Astrology wheel chart : How to Read the houses in a Chart wheel

The original tutorial can help the monster how to understand the houses of an astrology charge wheel by looking at the chat will itself the mostly applied to uneven house system such as placidus campus and more.

My article assumes that you know how to read the sign and planetary symbols for this tutorial.


Duplicated or Missing Sign on the house cusps

With many how system including the popular places how system how size are uneven very frequency only some of the 12 so dice time I represent on the house cusps and when this is in the case some signs are will be two house cusps.

This is the case of interception and intercept sign is a sign that doesn’t appear on a house cusps

There is a basic rule : when a sign is intercepted it’s opposite sign is also intercepated auditonally this always happens in opposite houses.

As well you know when a sign and its opposite sign are intercepted in a chart in wheel there is chance that you are certain that you will get to see two signs that were each found on two house cusps.

Planets in Signs that don’t match the signs on the house cusps

  • As per astrology bean this is another concern for new student of astrology when dealing with the house system such as placiders their house are uneven: then there is a question why planets in science on always matchs the sign on the house cusps.
  • People mind that is sin 4 30 degree one 12th of 360 degree circle there at 12 signs each at 30 degree there for 12 * 30 degree is equal to 360 degree
  • As such most of household more than one time then there is a house that hall part of the side and part of another also houses the whole part of and all of the next time and then part of the following science is a case of example chart on the page that like as well there are houses that hold only one fight or one side effect as in the case of 4th house you can see the fourth chart as well.
  • For most house system in other words one house is not equal to one sign



For your information I will give you the opposite houses and sign

Sign Opposite Sign
Aries Libra
Taurus Scorpio
Gemini Sagittarius
Cancer Capricorn
Leo Aquarius
Virgo Pisces



Here is information About Opposite Houses


House Opposite Houses
First Seventh
Second Eighth
Third Ninth
Fourth Tenth
Fifth Eleventh
Sixth Twelfth

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