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11th house in Vedic Astrology

11th house in Vedic Astrology :I have previously talk about 12th house in astrology12th house in astrology its impacts future prediction etc today so far we are going to discuss how 11th house is seen in astrology lets began it is seen as auspicious house in the chart of vedic astrology it is also called the labha house that means it is the gaining house 11th house mostly influences our interest in social activities and various other matters it is also prove as well wisher house .

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The signs and planets are associated with the eleventh house lets talk about sign it is linked up with the eleventh house is the sign is Aquarius and Sun the planet is master of this house this house is weak for the celestial bodies the Moon
Body parts which is governed by the eleventh house is ankle and calf. And if we talk about mundane astrology then the 11th house stands for legislation friendly neighborhood also like I am previously telling you it also stand for social sphere. The people who comes to support you will really know your desires . The eleventh house also called the house of freindship. It also signifies what your friendship is long lasting or not .The 11th house also influence the groups and communities in which we participate which we share our emotion and feeling to our friends and as well as our siblings in that house energy. When the first house lord or asscendant is in your 11th house your whole life revolves around the matter of eleventh house it influence your equation with your paternal uncle in accordance to 11th house in vedic astrology.

Moon energy in the 11th House

It is said that the presence of celestial body like Moon I। The eleventh house of chart is not good in the destiny of an individual. Because it called 11th house is a weak house for moo। The negative side or impact we see that Moon may be influenced the life of an individual it is placed in 11th house.

Significance of 11th house in Vedic Astrology

The 11th house in the Labha house it’s meaning is game that you gain something what you have decide so 11th house strongly indicate your income and game it also signifies and stand for incomeity sudden gaining of profits abundance etc

11th house also shows your expiration and desires will get full field in future also the 11th house is the fifth house from the 7000 its signify the full front of desires the house will are very important in matter of metalistic requirement desire and their full filments. Basically if signified profitable source of anything.

Wealth from conventional and unconventional methods as per in Vedic astrology

So basically wealth decided from position of planetary because as we know that it change our motion position and requirements for the planetary position in the 11th house decide what could be the falls of your income how you get able to generate well and the 11th house is not just about conventional source of earning money but also it get other source like getting money if you getting money from other anyone or extra work extra but also other sources which I send along is getting money from speculation also inheritance and so on so the 11th house broadly covers one of the most important aspect in our life it means the availability and what is the environment with monetary and financial requirement phase 11th house in astrology or I say in vedic astrology.


House describe future prediction in 11th house as per Vedic Astrology

Performance that we know it is the house of games the 11th house is kundli is also referred to as the badakha house it means the house of obstruction it obstruct everything . The 11000 obstructive towards the cardinal science or I say zodiac signs namely Aries cancelled Libra and Capricorn and arrangement and movements of planets in the 11th house is horoscopic decide the obstruction what obstruction and obstacles that you will face in life if there is positively planetary placement in your life or in your house is one may get opportunities and a few obstacles that you will be able to topper of all of the IT generally means that obstacle will be comes to your life but you generally solve the obstacle and received what you want as per 11th house.


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