Child Birth Prediction Astrology

Child Birth Prediction Astrology

Child Birth Prediction Astrology : Today discuss on the topic child prediction astrology before it I will discussed for conceiving a child but today we have to discuss child prediction astrology so let’s start there is no house in the chart represent general of a baby plot and other planets influence on 5th house children like the number of total babies from in a chart whether baby will be relationship with them their upbringing and education etc.

The functional planet beneficial like Saturn Venus Mercury influence on 5th chart of your house more chances for have to be a baby girl if functional planets like Jupiter Moon and Mars influence over 5th house fifth lord may promise maybe boy and moon influence bless you with both if the planet Mercury and Jupiter along lies together it could be a twins.

According to Astrology the malafacic planets March sun and Saturn are functional they can create problems in your child birth.let if jupiter is affected then also progeny issue will happens

Planets like rahu ketu mars and sun influence in 5th house or fifth lord may cause abortion on early stage
You got to know the whole chart conversation conclusions.

What is child prediction astrology

According to child prediction astrology. Child astrology offers a comprehensive look at the planets and their influence on their child emotional intellectual way physical ways spiritual development May it provide easy to use planetary tables and clear instruction on how to record and interrupt the positioning.

How to see kids in Astrology

As per astrology rules the planet which verify firstly we will check the strength of 5th tenth second house if the Jupiter and sun is analyse there should be a baby boy and for female child it very strong Mercury

Which planets show fortune and represent  child in child prediction Astrology

Jupiter is non for the lucky and with fortune in your life it’s also represent the kids which¬† you have in your life a well please Jupiter indicates be happiness of your children it out time that is Sagittarius and Pisces

How to predic sex of a child in mother warm as per child prediction astrology

There are only two mathematician to predic sex of a child during the mother forms or we say first is medical test that is scientific process and second one is astrology and we talk about astrology method how to predict the sex of a child with 100% certainity

According to horoscopic turns in vedic astrology traditional text there are several methods describe in astrology for example we can take the case of shathpansika by prithuyas son of varahmihira it is said about when the male child should born.if saturn is posted the houses 3,5,7,9 11 with the girl is not born he again says that male child will be born if the lagn be In masculine sign and accepted by male parents if the ascendant will be in female sign high chance that is is female borns. But that times many theory failed.

After getting failures so many times I tried to derive a correct formula by KP system and buy a plan that formula I got success by understanding the application of this theory and body having only basic knowledge of KP can easily predict the sex of child most frequently and firstly at this time say in 2024 time KP theory will be the best gender of child correct prediction to every case can be achieve by using this process and formula which many astrologer use.


Now here several type of combination which planes to child prediction astrology

When the sub lords of all the three planets are male nature of the sex that it must be a masculine energy that it is to be predict it should be a baby boy .

When the sub lord of houses will show female sign it should be a baby girl

There must be chance that out three two are either male or female rest is saturn leave because it is neutal and predict.

But in some case when the sublords of houses are showing both sexes but the fifth cusp not showing anything it would be not a twins then instead of sublords we should go for the star lord and results will be true

There is mainly a combination where both male and female both planet’s are presents are one either one is in depression second one is in combust due to sun energy then it will be ignored.

The other case is of types where no rule applies the planets which are showing both the sexes then see what is the sub lord of of fifth cusp and if it is starting or a planets signifies a zodiac sign which is Sagittarius and Pisces it should be a predict twins here the fifth cusp ascendant from pregnant lady t
With the use of these formula you must predict the child gender in astrology.

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