Astrology about concieving baby girl

Astrology about concieving baby girl

As our previous session we would disscused about How people took step in Astrology for concieving Baby girl. So here we gathered information about how we concieving or planned a baby girl through astrology.

However we see that person is used to talk like that we plan for baby but I want a girl it sounds little different.obviously there are many theories which said it depends on men and women.but few people think that they could be through astrology.

Astrology about concieving baby girl
Astrology about concieving baby girl

There is a theory that indicates counting from the first day of your period on even days result in a baby boy and all days result will be predict as a baby girl in other words if I say populating on 4th 6th and so on result is a baby boy and if the result on 5th 7th 9th so it could be a baby girl.

Lab discuss below about this how astrology made for conceiving a baby girl

Concieving a baby girl through astrology:

If you tring constantly but you still finding it hard to conceive a child? Or are you the one who is simply looking for some astrology behind concieving a baby girl during the pregnancy phase of life? Well, in both cases, you have come to the right place because any Astrologer brings you the best remedies and tips for childbirth as per astrology in this post. However, before you practise any of these for yourself, make sure you always consult an astrologer about them and all remedy because these remedies will work fine for you, but at times, some may not because of a certain planetary position in your kundli as I said before .In such a case, an astrologer might check the remedy a bit for you to help you get the best results.

Giving birth to a child is the most precious feeling in the world. Bringing a child is the most pleasuring procedure and feeling in this world. Sometimes it seems impossible because in many cases it would be fine impossible to conceive .it affects you and your family equally . However medication also doesn’t help to concieve through medical language. In that situation people loose their hope and come to world of astrology. Infact Astrology helps you to Conceive.. there are so many tips in astrology for concieving a child.

Astrology give tips for pregnancy and it provides suitable environment for mother and child. In this blog we discussed this deeply and explained briefly each and every topic.

Astrology behind child birth


As we know that Astrology gives an important role in child birth. Here we discussed about child birth . Maine astrologer said that the fifth house or 5th planet in the kundli give answer to the pregnancy. In horoscope the fifth planet describe the child and its element. Itna fifth house of a planet have a good combination with another planet it makes a good scenario of child birth also the fifth House lord needs a positive place  in the chart it gives perfect childbirth .

Alone side with the fifth house another house will also make and its need to be check and predict the childbirth. The 9th house is for house for family and 11 th house describe the desires of a children. In astrology we also see 9th house but it’s only for our faciliation.

Along with all other houses the planet which is called biggest planet the Jupiter is also called and main considered in astrology for conceiving and having a child . In astrology Jupiter considered the biggest planet and its blessing is native according a blessing is having a child.

About from this house the 9th house God position is analysed through the horoscope and it defined about the possibilities of childbirth. If in your house the Jupiter is affected by the melfi ac combination then its possibilities to delay a child or you conceive late in your future. If the 6th and 8th house is prominent and the Jupiter describe as weak it’s almost delay to have a child in your phase

I give you one example if saturn is in the house. The planet Saturn is known as delay because we know it is a karmic planet . If it is affected any house in your chart then it would be delay  and you have to wait for your children. Many times the saturn also blockages the house and you have to wait for long.

Apart from saturn the planet Rahul , Ketu,and the Mars is shown as hurdles. Rahu indicates snake detect and it also gives Pitra dosh  by influencing Jupiter .both rahu and ketu is know for loss of fertility .

Astrological remedies to conceive for  baby girl child birth 

  1. Pitra dosh Puja
  2. Increase the effect of panchamesh
  3. Crystals energy
  4. God rituals for santan prapti.
  5. Chant the mantra of rahu and ketu
  6. Navgrah puja
Navgrah puja

In astrology the remedy for childbirth is to worship the nav grah or we say nine planets if your all planets are strong and settled in your chart then there is a high chances for your achievements but if one of them are weak or anything else there can be hurdles u found so in that case you have to ensure the planet are in peace and start ritual with havan and make Abhishek at temple.

There are many mantra for each planet you also go with it. You have to chant in daily basis.

Crystal energy:

As we know we all are made up of energy. There are many crystal found in earth like rose quartz ,adventurine, many others each and every crystal have their own energy like for money blockages there is pyrite etc . But in case of manifestation firstly you have to love yourself and in that case rose quartz helps you lot . It is for self love.

Pitra dosh Puja

You hear many times that your pitra are not in peace. That’s why you see challenges every time and one of the biggest reason is it for not concieving a child. As per astrology to conceive a baby you can ensure that your pitra is in peace for this you can worship and make havan for shanti of pitra.

God rituals for santan prapti/ Mantra of rahu and ketu


Many rituals are present in astrology for getting blessings of child you can go to work  worship of any deity. Like you can go with lord Shiva ,lord hanuman ,lord Vishnu . Like if you want bal gopal .” Bal gopal “is one of the form of lord Krishna you start to worship him to get blessings of child like him . The couple gets together and perform the rituals it is very good for them you can also perform rituals of ma skand mata she is also one of the form mata aadishakti.

Mantra of rahu ketu there are many mantra present in our Granth as I previously said , today here I tell you beej mantra of both of them

Rahu beej mantra

ॐ  भ्राम  भ्रीम भ्रोम स: राह्वे नमः

Ketu beej mantra

Om stram strim Strom sh ketve namah


Most important FAQ


Q- Which house in horoscope tells about the child as per Astrology


Ans – The fifth house of the horoscope reveals the children as per astrology . Thus by calculating or analyse the fifth house you are able to understand the whole scenario that may shell have a child in life. This house also indicates the relationship of child with their parents planets and sign would be responsible for the same.

Q – How can astrology predict the child birth?


Ans As per research the fifth second and tenth house reveals it all. Analysing these house along with the planets sun or Jupiter for female child and Mercury for male child.

Q- Is it mandatory to go and worship any specific deity?


Ans  No it is not mandatory you can go with your intuition if you feel that you can connect for that specific deity you start to worship them.

Q- Astrology is real?


Ans Yes it is real or it mainly depend on your belief.if you have any kind of trust issues it can’t be changed your scenario but you give100 Percent the situation will be better.

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