Astrology about concieving Baby boy

Astrology about Conceiving baby boy Children’s according to astrowill


As we know about astrology many people’s in today circles are also believed in this . Many people ask there is no scientific fact about it.

Many people study about astrology and its facts they also apply in all parts of their life. During their parenting.planning to have  children.

Today we are here to discuss why certain people believe to planning children according to astrology horoscope .Now, the question arrise that how horoscope sign Excel at parenting including Cancer, Virgo ,Libra , Capricorn,Taurus and Aries.


Planet which responsible for having children’s according to astrology for baby boy ?

Astrology about concieving Baby boy
Astrology about concieving Baby boy

In the study about astrology there is a concept that the Moon represents the mother in astrology. It indicates peace , nourishment and comfort as well.

Children’s are represented by the jupiter planets in vedic Hindi it is also called Putra Karka.

Planet decides child birth. It is also said that in a astrology chart childbirth is determined from 5th house 5th lord Jupiter the significator or karaka of 5th  house and D_7 chart called Sapta Mansha. It indicates the strength.dignity position Benefits or Malefic  influence on 5th House.


The ultimate sign to parent child compatibility in astrology for  zodiac 


According to birth chart for wealth of inside into what make you sand your communication style what is your passion what’s your motivation and look at Outlook life can be in the placement of your charge the way in which you are likely to operate in relationship indeed your birth chart and shit light your compatibility power with your zodiac signs.

To being unbreaking your relationship with your parent you will want to look at the sun planet if you read horror scot t your moon sign says astrologer Kirah tambourine.

Cosmic guidance for all and co founder of astrology dating app also called stars alliance in which they did the star position and answer to your question

The sun planet which represent father in astrology and the moon planet which represent some other in astrology but removing the gender binary from the equational situation the sun is also called seen as representing more visible external parent who might be very career oriented and the moon represent nourshing parental time.

There are many more charts like the sign of your all houses can further tells and show How you perceive your parent (s) and what role will be plot and played in your situation of life

As study during astrological compatibility you have to look sun moon and raising signs and then comparing them to your own ;in general study having signs of the same element bodies well for compatibility.

Astrology about horoscope indicating Parents child compatibility 

  • Aries child compatibility
  • Taurus child compatibility
  • Gemini child compatibility
  • Cancer child compatibility
  • Libra child compatibility
  • Scorpio child compatibility.
  • Sagittarius child compatibility
  • Capricorn child compatibility

There is a study behind all that how zoadics signs combine and make a sustainability with each other

In other activities we will talk in details about this.

1. Which zoadics signs in astrology are good parents?

Ans. Any zodiac sign will be a great parent- in just their own way . According to fact each zodiac sign key traits may highlight their parenting style tips how they interact their children how they make bonds with their kids or in other relationship.

2.Can Astrology make you a better parent?

Ans : In our society it is very common to get or make a kundli or called Janam patrika made for newly kids. This is the one common thing which comes from generation to generation we saw that our parents their parents all of them make it for their children .in simple way we ask  Janam patrika is defined as a astrological chart that indicates birth 📉 chart in which it have a every single details about the child with context to star position sign also called nakshatra in Hindi.

It also speaks about the star sign and moon sign that supposedly govern the kids life or at least influence it also in many ways and warns about the various unwanted and unhappy moments that the child encountered with his actions I their upcoming future

But the question comes whether astrology is really that effective in education one or if it is comes to your parenting skill you belive this  if you believe then u became very superstitious know that in life there is taking risk at times pays off well keeping astrology aside  in terms of that you can take astrology as guidance but not bend with it. You can raise your children perfectly with your patenting skills.

3. Astrology about children?

In ancient times many saints said that in that type of planet combine with their star nakshtra u can plan for your future bby .as now many of people also think that make a baby in that position of star and planet will make their babies divine. As a result the baby comes in the world is very rare and unique form of divinity.


Most important FAQ 

Q- Will it is right that astrology make your child divine?

Ans : There is information about this that ancient times or also today times many of person think plan a children according to their horoscope or cosmic motion will give a better human and a divinity generates in their future children

Q: It is good to depend on astrology?

Ans : yes it is good to gain information from astrology or believe any astrolger but not to depend on it . Make believe in your action

Q: Pairing sign ?

Ans : zodaic signs combine with each other and make a Pairing sign.

Q: who is mother and father called in astrology?

Ans :Moon is defined as mother.and Sun is defined as father .

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